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As a part of the Cedar Rapids metro area, Hiawatha, Iowa offers small town atmosphere with a quality of life that encompasses all of the features of the Metro area within a short drive. With a varied mix of activities, ranging from shopping locations to cultural opportunities, Hiawatha provides the best of community and business. 

For the nature enthusiast, Hiawatha is the trailhead for the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, which is just under 52 miles long. The trail has wildflowers and pockets of native remnant prairie grasses that have been enlarged through the process of burning surrounding brush and non-native plants. The trail is also known to have abundant wildlife and birds to observe.

Residents of Hiawatha can also stop by the local Farmers Market, which runs mid-April through the end of October on Sundays, where 25 or more entrepreneurs from the area sell home grown and homemade products. These items include, but are not limited to, fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers, an assortment of baked products, preserved food products, arts, and crafts.  The Cedar Rapids and Marion Farmers markets are also a short drive away and provide a nice alternate for days the Hiawatha Farmers Market isn’t open.

For those seeking to stimulate their artistic side or just to enjoy the Midwest area's cultural diversity, the Metro area offers a vast array of cultural attractions and an abundance of museums, live music, festivals, theatre and entertainment options. The vibrant and accessible art scene enriches the area and makes the Metro area a wonderful place to live and visit.  The Hiawatha Parks and Recreation Department schedules a series of concerts in the month of August on Friday nights to provide entertainment and enjoyment for the community. Bring your coolers and lawn chairs and enjoy the music with family and friends at Hiawatha's Concerts in the Park!

For more information on things to do and see in Hiawatha, as well as information on living in this excellent community, check out the City of Hiawatha’s website.

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